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Do I need to have good credit or be employed to qualify?

No.  Never. The only factors that we look at when you apply for a pawn or
loan with us is your title ownership to the vehicle and your ID.
Bankruptcy and other forms of bad credit will not disqualify you for an
Auto Pawn Plus car title loan because we do not consider
proof of income or employment when you apply.

How fast can I get an auto title loan?

If your vehicle is qualified, we can usually approve your personal pawn
within 20 minutes from the time your vehicle is approved for an
Auto Pawn loan with us. (during normal business hours). When you
receive a loan approval you will be asked to provide only a couple items
such as a car title, and a copy of your ID to obtain your loan. Other factors
that some loan companies require such as proof of residence, income
and employment are not required with Auto Pawn Plus.
Once you have the paperwork signed, we can fund the loan instantly
by electronically transferring the money directly into your bank
account or you can walk out with cash or check in hand it is totally up to you.

What factors determine how much I may borrow?

We take various factors of the vehicle being pawned into consideration
such as the year, make, model, mileage, and condition of the vehicle.
You should bring your vehicle by to apply with Auto Pawn Plus even
if you have bad credit or no job as that will never disqualify you.

How much cash can I borrow?

You can qualify for a loan starting as low as $1,000 up to six figures depending
on the vehicle value and estimated worth of the auto being pawned. At Auto Pawn Plus
loans are pawned between 50 to 70% of the wholesale value of the
car, truck, or motorcycle being pawned.

What if I lost my car title can I still qualify for a loan?

Yes you can still qualify for a loan as long as you can provide ownership of vehicle
and we are able to obtain a duplicate title in hand before funds are dispersed.

What is a Car Pawn or Auto Pawn?

An Auto Pawn which is also known as Title Pawning, Car Pawning, Title Loan, or
Car Title Loan is the process of borrowing money against your car title to secure a
short term car title loan.


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